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Granite and Marble – The Two Prominent Natural Stones

LOMRODMarbleGranite and Marble – The Two Prominent Natural Stones



July 5 , 2017 | Posted by admin | No Comments

Granite and Marble – The Two Prominent Natural Stones

People love to use natural stones in their home as this is the natural way to add natural beauty to the home. Natural stones are popular in a commercial and residential setting as of its maintenance and durability. Marble and granite both are very popular and Prominent Natural Stones. The choice between these two stones depends on the aesthetic effects you want to get. Marble and granite are different from each other in terms of durability, softness, and porosity.

Why Choose Marble?

  • Marble is considered as elegant and luxurious natural stone.
  • It’s beauty last for generations.
  • It is versatile natural stone.
  • It can be used throughout the home in various places like ornamental furnishing, bathrooms, flooring, walls and much more.
  • It can be used for almost every surface of bathrooms such as flooring, tub decks, shower walls, and vanities.
  • This is more suitable for formal areas
  • Softer and more porous than granite

There is lots of granite manufacturers in india, but you should look for the best one. You should look for the best exporter who can offer you best quality marble stone at cost effective price. You can adorn your living room or bedroom with marble tiles and slabs. This is a timeless material that plays very important role in your home decoration. Marble stone is durable and classic. It can easily incorporate into any scheme and design.

Why Choose Granite:

  • Granite is also very popular and useful natural stone.
  • This is more functional and durable than marble.
  • This is considered as most strong and dense natural stone.
  • If you are looking for a natural stone for high traffic area then granite would be an excellent choice for you. It is an ideal stone to use in the areas where style and class are needed.
  • Its crystalline structure is more resistant to staining, abrasion, and discoloration that marble, so this can be perfect to use for a kitchen countertop.
  • It is available in a variety of textures and colors that make it unique. This is different from other natural stones as it has various amazing traits.
  • This is a remarkable natural stone that is ideal for accent islands, kitchen countertops, dining tables, bar tops and floorings. Options are limitless.


You may easily find lots of Granite Exporters in India, but a right one can offer you the quality you want. You can find amazing granite countertop options to make your kitchen look beautiful. It would work really very well in turning your dream bathroom into reality, there are lots of uses of Granite and this natural stone is enough to add grace and elegance to the overall look of your home. It comes in a variety of colors that makes it perfect to add variety to every corner to your home.


Natural stones like granite and marble have become popular for their durability, maintenance, beauty and rustic/rich atmosphere they create. Benefits of using these stones in your home are endless.


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