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India’s Leading Manufacturers & Supplier of Natural Stone

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India’s Leading Manufacturers & Supplier of Natural Stone

Many people build a house of dream and they look for best material to give it beautiful and sophisticated look. It is like a once in a lifetime event for many people and they don’t want to compromise on the quality of construction material.  Construction is requires lots of time and money and interior designing is another part that also needs money, time and attention.  If you are thinking about interior decoration of your home, then you should take lots of factors into consideration. You might be thinking of colour of wall tiles, floors, wall paint, wall paper and much more. Home decor accessories are easily available, but many people find it difficult to choose durable and premium quality tiles and flooring and more. You should look for the best natural stone supplier in order to solve your problem. Many people want to use high quality natural stone for countertops, tiles, flooring and slabs. You can visit the natural stone gallery of website of best Indian granite exporters .

Lomrod is India’s Leading Supplier of Natural Stone. You can check stone of Lomrod to choose the best fit stone for your various needs. Natural stone can be the most preferred choice for your home/office as it offers durability and make value of your money. You can find these natural stones in various textures and colours. You can add the sophistication and natural beauty to your home by using these high quality natural stone in your bathroom, kitchen, hall, dining room and much more.

Types of Natural Stones:

Lomrod is one of the best stone exporters in India; it offers you different types of natural stones, some of them we have listed below:


Granite is very popular natural stone and it has become very famous due to its durability, longevity and looks.Explore our entire range of Granite available here.


It provide warm look and softer than granite. You can use it to design your bathroom, kitchen and home by utilizing it. It offers elegant look to your home.Explore other options for Marble here.

Sand Stone

Have you been looking to decorate your building with sand stone? Reach us for the best and hand-picked quality.Explore a wide range of Sand Stone here.


Reach us, for the best artifacts. Here we offer you stunning craft pieces that are significant.Explore more from our Artifacts collection here.

Cobble Pebble

Rooftops, living space or pathway, cobble pebbles are the best to decor them with unique designs. Look at the various colours and sizes we offer.Explore a wide range of Cobble Pebble online here.

Engineered Stone

Nature has limits but Lomrod doesn’t. Browse through our various engineered stone designs that are jaw dropping beautiful.Explore more from our best Engineered Stone collection here.

These are some amazing material and natural stone products are available to enhance your home decor. You can use the combination of these stones to add grace to your home. Lomrod is among marble exporters in India,  it offers you a facility to choose natural stone products as per your need and budget.

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