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A cobble stone is a clast of rock having a particle size of 64–256 millimeters (2.5–10.1 in), whereas a pebble is a clast of rock with a particle size of 2 to 64 millimetres. Pebble tools are among the earliest known man-made artifacts.

Cobbles and Pebbles are used for a variety of purposes, both outdoors and indoors. They can be sorted by color and size, and they can also be polished to improve the texture and color. At outdoors, they are often used for landscaping, to cover walkways and driveways, around pools, in and around plant containers, on patios and decks, to create water-smart gardens in areas where water is scarce. Small pebbles are also used to create living spaces and gardens on the rooftops of buildings. At Indoors, pebbles can be used as bookends and paperweights.

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